Ever since I have come to know and used Sublime Text, I have fallen in love with it. In my pre-sublime text days, I was your usual friendly neighbourhood IDE guy who loved all those cool development features bundled in to a “one size fits all” software package.

I came across a very interesting talk about motivation by Dan Pink on TED last night. Though I would have loved to elaborate on the subject, I feel I cannot write about it in any better words spoken by the speaker.

The PHP community has recently been blessed with a new release of one of its most loved frameworks, Laravel. Version 5.0.1 is a major release, so not only are there some great new features available, but the architectural foundations of the framework have also been altered to some extent. So, without any further ado, I am going to dive right into the framework and show you all the good things the latest release has to offer.

Authentication is a part of almost all the web applications you work with. It’s really boring to keep repeating all the boilerplate code in every project. Well, the good news is Laravel 5 rids you of this boredom by providing a ready-to-use authentication facade.

One of the great things about the Ruby language is how easy it is to extend it’s core. Ruby works by merging your class definiton code with the one in it’s standard library. This allows us to add anything to the core classes without writing a separate class of our own. Let’s put that concept to use.

Lately, I have been conducting interviews at my workplace. Though it’s fun and I enjoy it, I find it hard to calibrate a candidate’s mental aptitude in a short interview. My co-worker often complains that my interview process is too time consuming as we have been experimenting with two on one interviews(two interviewers, one interviewee).

Before I start to pen down the absolutely ridiculous things I have found in the Pakistan I.T industry, I would like to start by saying that this is not a conclusive account of the industry in this region. It is more of an observation acquired through an experience of almost 2 years.